About Us

Safe Haven is an organization that wishes to create a safe space where people from all backgrounds can use their freedom of expression to get information and discuss a somewhat taboo topic in our society: drug testing and associations that come with that.

The goal is to literally build a ‘Safe Haven’ of understanding and compassion. Most of us who face a drug test is in dire need of information that could help up retain our jobs, love ones and standard of living.

In the segment of how to increase the chances of passing a drug test and relieve anxiety prior to taking a drug test, we have many urban myths that need to be either confirmed or dispelled. Fortunately, with the world evolving and accepting marijuana as a ‘no biggy’ to phrase it as casually as possible, there are new scientific studies about marijuana absorption, metabolism, distribution, and elimination coming out.

We all can use scientific data together with people’s experiences with this method or product or that one to create a more understanding and fuller picture of how to help ourselves when pushed against the corner by a looming drug test.

What is more, by understanding what contributes to problems in our society that pertains to marijuana use, we wish to use all our voices to create a safe haven to all the people who need our support and help.