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The Physician Supply and International Medical Graduates

The Physician Supply and International Medical Graduates

Traditionally, discussions regarding the physician shortage and primary care gap have focused on the attitudes, career decisions, and supply of U.S. medical students. An alternative approach is to increase the International Medical Graduate supply stream. A two pronged approach involves a standardized basic sciences curriculum and utilizing new organizations introduced in healthcare reform to increase the physician supply.

What Medical Students Should Know About Fatigue, Patient Safety and Resident Wellness

No question about it—becoming a doctor has always been arduous. It takes years of mentally and physically demanding training to learn the science and art of medicine. But a growing body of scientific evidence now points to the link between the extremely long hours that many resident physicians are required to work and an increased risk of preventable medical errors.

Preventive Medicine: A Look at Residency Programs as a Career Pathway

There has long been an awareness of the role of prevention in improving health and health care in our country. In fact, many of the leading causes of death in this country are due to preventable diseases. Thus, it is important for the field of medicine to be a part of the prevention as well as the treatment of disease. Accordingly, The American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM), established in 1948, works to certify qualified physicians with specific knowledge of preventive medicine and to enhance standards of practice within preventive medicine. Though preventive medicine seems somewhat self-explanatory in its title, the depth and variety of clinical practice within the field merits further elucidation.