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Bench to Bedside – Using research approaches to impact healthcare

The 2011 Wilbert C. Jordan research award recipients are pioneering new, and working with existing, clinical science methodologies to positively impact current and future therapeutic strategies.

Migration of Plasmodium Sporozoite through Host cells

Malaria kills close to a million people yearly. It is most prevalent in countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia (Breman , 2004). The Plasmodium parasites in mosquitoes that cause malaria can be transmitted to humans by mosquito vectors of the genus Anopheles. A female mosquito bite transfers the parasite from an infected Anopheles mosquito to the human body and the Plasmodium sporozoites eventually make their way to the liver (Sinnis, 2007). The life cycle of sporozoites both in the mosquito as well as the host cell is important to consider because each step determines infection (Mota, 2001). Sporozoites are made and released in the mosquito midgut; they bind to the salivary glands and inhabit their secretory cells. Once they enter the mammalian host cell, they travel to the liver and traverse multiple cells until successfully invading hepatocytes (Coppi, 2007). Without successful invasion of hepatocytes, the infection is not viable.

New Insight on Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers: CUR Releases Update to Classic Text on Advising Undergraduate Researchers

During President Obama’s State of the Union Address, he emphasized the importance of education and its role in the competitiveness and growth of this country. This week the Council on Undergraduate Research is releasing “How to Mentor Undergraduate Researchers,” which highlights the importance of guiding the independent thinking, managing skills and academic and occupational futures of students, along with suggestions on how higher education faculty can do so.

The Legacy of Tuskegee: Investigating Trust in Medical Research and Health Disparities

What was done cannot be undone, but we can end the silence … We cannot be one America when a whole segment of our nation has no trust in America. We can stop turning our heads away. We can look at you in the eye, and finally say, on behalf of the American people, what the United States government did was shameful and I am sorry. (Clinton, 1997)