POLL: More oppose ‘Obamacare’ than ‘Affordable Care Act’

More Americans oppose the health care law when you call it Obamacare—46% of Americans oppose the health care law when it carries Obama’s name, while just 37% oppose the Affordable Care Act.

When dubbed Obamacare, however, the law has more supporters: 29% of those polled in a new CNBC poll said they supported Obamacare; just 22% of those polled said they supported the Affordable Care Act.

CNBC asked half of its poll respondents about the Affordable Care Act and half of them about Obamacare.

President Barack Obama’s base bolstered support of the law when it carries his name: men, Independents, and Republicans had more negative opinions on Obamacare than the Affordable Care Act, while younger Americans, Democrats, and women favored Obamacare.

Republicans were the most opinionated on the law, which is set to roll out next week. Just 18% of Republicans and Tea Party-identified respondents said they were unsure about the law—a full 12 points lower than the 30% of respondents overall who said they didn’t know enough about the healthcare law to voice an opinion.

Thirty-five percent of those with incomes below $30,000 feel positively towards the law, while 19% said they don’t know enough to have an opinion; a full 31% of Americans with incomes below $30,000 feel negatively towards the law.

In the 30,000 to 50,000 income bracket, a full half of those surveyed, a full half—51%—say they oppose the law.

Original article – MSNBC – September 27, 2013

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