Hispanic paradox—Latest findings confirm Latinos live longer

The data, which was collected from previous health studies, indicates Hispanic study participants had significantly higher survival rates for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and other medical conditions such as lupus, diabetes, kidney disease and strokes.

“The Hispanic paradox refers to the surprising finding that despite having a worse risk factor profile, Hispanics and Latinos tend to have better health than non-Hispanic Whites,” Ruiz told VOXXI. “Within this general finding is evidence that Hispanic’s may actually live longer than non-Hispanic Whites, a phenomenon that researchers have    long-termed the Hispanic mortality paradox. This phenomenon has been controversial due its paradoxical nature and the mixed evidence associated with it.

Read more: http://www.voxxi.com/hispanic-paradox-latinos-live-longer/#ixzz2L7E1prud

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