Pre-meds: Get Application Secrets from a Pro Courtesy of the Tour for Diversity in Medicine!

Mr. Christian Essman, Director of Admissions at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, is very qualified to give us some medical school application secrets.  As Director of Admissions, he meets every candidate who comes to Case.  He sat down with Demetra Gibson, one of our Tour of Diversity mentors, one-on-one to give some advice and insight from an insider.
What makes a strong candidate?
Mr. Essman: A strong academic history is what all medical schools look for. This is used to predict how a student will perform once in medical school and eventually as a physician. Everyone wants a smart doctor, and given the rigorous academic requirements, schools don’t want to set a student up for failure. Another thing we look for is well-rounded experiences, and not necessarily particular experiences. A student’s activities should not show that they went through a “premed checklist” of activities, but rather that they chose to do things they are passionate about. We should be able to hear enthusiasm as we read the application. And remember that no-one gets a gold star for filling in all activity boxes on the application. It is about quality not quantity. Lastly prior medical experience is almost a must. This shows that you know what you are getting into and that you understand the demands and sacrifices of the profession.
Pre-meds, learn these application secrets here!

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