Welcome to the Winter 2011/2012 JSNMA

Welcome to the Winter 2012 Issue of the Journal of Student National Medical Association. In this quarterly we have chosen to focus on marginalized populations in American healthcare. When this topic was first posed, the resounding question was: Who are these marginalized populations? After much research and survey of other physicians and physicians in the making, we discovered that any group that is ostracized from access to healthcare constitutes a marginalized population. There are a variety of groups outside of ethnicity that experience poorer healthcare outcomes due to lifestyle, disease or characteristics. Some of these groups are highlighted in this issue, including HIV and AIDS patients. Specifically, SNMA has created an initiative to address HIV and AIDS in the black community with its SNMA>AIDS campaign. More about this initiative can be found in an article by President Michael Knight within the issue. In addition, SNMA member Jonathan Batson describes an innovative movement for AIDS awareness in South Florida in his article about the RCP Movement.

Beyond AIDS, there are several other populations disproportionately affected by healthcare disparities including the homeless (see article by Vice Chairperson Graciano Petersen) and transgendered (see on the article “Defining a Place for the Transgendered in Healthcare”). It is the effort of the JSNMA to bring awareness to some of these marginalized populations in healthcare and the biopolitics that govern their mistreatment (see article by Andy Tang). By increasing awareness, we as SNMA members and future physicians can begin to actively address the needs of these populations in our healthcare practices.

Have a great winter and we will see you and your thoughts, research, or art in our next issue which will be distributed at AMEC

Yours In SNMA solidarity,

Sarah Ann R. Anderson

2011-2012 National Publications Chairperson


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