Welcome to the Fall 2011 Issue of JSNMA

Happy New School Year and welcome to the Fall Issue of the JSNMA!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Ann Anderson and I am an MD/PhD student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. This year I will serve you as your National Publications Chairperson for SNMA. The Journal of the Student National Medical Association (JSNMA) has embarked upon this year by adding several changes that you – the membership – requested for the journal. Our journal is officially an online resource that is currently released quarterly. It is with our hope and your frequent contributions that we would like to update the journal more frequently. I strongly encourage you to submit anything from interesting articles, research, artwork, videos or poetry to the JSNMA at jsnma@snma.org. It is a great opportunity to have your voice be heard and for you to get published (and add to your CV).

In addition to the online resource, JSNMA will also be distributed in an Adobe PDF format so that both the website and hard copy are available. Currently we are working to update the website to make it more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable. We openly accept your critiques and suggestions for the website and JSNMA.org so that we create the best product for our membership.

On board this year with me is Vice-Chairperson of the Publications Committee, Graciano Petersen. Graciano has been a consistent contributor and editor to the JSNMA for the past two years and I am honored to work with him this year. Please see his introductory letter so that you can become better acquainted with Graciano.

We also have exciting news about a new journalistic endeavor for the SNMA entitled, SNMA Pulse. This weekly resource will be sent to all SNMA members and will have health articles from several news sources relevant to issues pertaining to medical communities of color, health disparities and global health. SNMA Pulse will also feature a JSNMA article from one of you, our esteemed members! More about this is described in this issue’s article “SNMA Pulse – Creating A New Lifeline for SNMA.”

Last, this issue focuses on Global Health. Just as we are fighting for equal healthcare access here in America, there are so many communities globally that have no healthcare access whatsoever. Many of our SNMA members have been working overseas to remedy this as well as getting essential clinical exposure. The details of their experiences can be found in the articles in this month’s issues along with a guide on how we as SNMA members can be Global Health Citizens. I am excited to share this Fall 2011 issue of the JSNMA with you and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

In SNMA Solidarity,

Sarah Ann R. Anderson

M.D./Ph.D Student, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

SNMA Region IX

National Publications Chairperson, JSNMA

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