Welcome Letter from Publications Vice-Chairperson – Graciano Petersen

Fall is a season of change in many different ways. It’s the season in which we transition from our more relaxed summers to our more regimented school schedules. It’s also the season in which we begin our slow descent into the chilling months of winter from the oppressive heat of the summer. My name is Graciano Petersen and I’m excited to tell you that JSNMA is transitioning with you! As this year’s Vice-Chairperson of the Publications Committee, I, along with Sarah Ann as Chairperson, hope to bring you what you are looking for from JSNMA. As a post-bacc student working towards the goal of entering medical school, I too am in transition and recognize the hard work that the entire SNMA membership will be putting into school this season.

This Fall Issue is a symbol of what SNMA has achieved this summer and a starting point for the new vision of JSNMA. Join Sarah Ann and I as we commence our journey this year to bring you a more dynamic, more frequently updated, and fresher version of the publication you’ve come to enjoy. We want JSNMA.org to be the tool that brings together every member of SNMA as they go through their medical school training and education.




Graciano Petersen

MA, Tulane University

SNMA Region VI

National Publications Vice-Chairperson, SNMA

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