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2011-2012 SNMA Executive Agenda

2011-2012 SNMA Executive Agenda

National President Michael Knight outlines his Executive Agenda for 2011-2012, “We will aim to envision our organizational future, engage our membership, and empower our communities”

Bench to Bedside – Using research approaches to impact healthcare

The 2011 Wilbert C. Jordan research award recipients are pioneering new, and working with existing, clinical science methodologies to positively impact current and future therapeutic strategies.

 Giving New Life to Charles Drew – Introducing “Pulse:   The Unofficial Lifeline Guide for Columbia’s Pre-Meds”

Giving New Life to Charles Drew – Introducing “Pulse: The Unofficial Lifeline Guide for Columbia’s Pre-Meds”

An expose on the conception and execution of Columbia’s MAPS premed guide to success.

@JSNMA: Medical Tweets, is this our #future?

The personal, business, and educational uses of social media have impressively blossomed over the last decade. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now household names despite their recent debuts. Facebook, launched in 2004, and Twitter, launched in 2006, have even managed to either spawn their own verbs (facebooking) or repurpose others (tweeting). Both sites began as a way to build and nurture friendships, but have evolved into great advertising tools for businesses, and continue to evolve as potential enhancers to the educational process. As the tools available to diversify and expand the way education reaches students of all levels, medical school educators are learning to use these tools to their advantage.

Away We Go – Information on Away Clerkships for 3rd and 4th Year

Though the choice of participating in a visiting clerkship can be difficult, this resource will make finding a program a little easier! Check the following websites for more info: VSAS for a common application that many schools participate in (including Vanderbilt) EEC for a searchable database for electives at medical schools in the US […]

9th Annual “Disparities in Health in the Global Context” Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to provide attendees with a comprehensive approach to the issue of health disparities and a broad knowledge base of the bio-psychosocial approach in addressing health disparities. Summer Workshop will be held June 20 – 25, 2011, at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Robert C. Hickey Auditorium, […]

National Health Service Corps Scholarship

National Health Service Corps Scholarship

The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program application cycle is now open! We hope that you will help us spread the word about the program and the opportunities available to students pursuing a career in primary care. NHSC Scholars receive: Payment for tuition, required fees, and other reasonable educational costs A monthly support stipend Assistance in […]

The Physician Supply and International Medical Graduates

Traditionally, discussions regarding the physician shortage and primary care gap have focused on the attitudes, career decisions, and supply of U.S. medical students. An alternative approach is to increase the International Medical Graduate supply stream. A two pronged approach involves a standardized basic sciences curriculum and utilizing new organizations introduced in healthcare reform to increase the physician supply.

What is Past is Prologue: How the Fight Against Breast Cancer has Evolved

According to the German writer and philosopher Goethe, “the most beautiful discoveries are made not so much by men as by the period.” History has shown that the methods of diagnosing and treating breast cancer have mirrored the thoughts of clinicians during the eras in which they have practiced. Indeed, breast cancer has been conceptualized within social and cultural norms over time. Today as we continue to strive for cures, we consider new treatment options based on the context of the period.