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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Medical Students

Greetings, Class of 2010! Two thousand ten – that has a nice ring to it. I am honored to have an opportunity to address this entering medical school class at Meharry Medical College. You should be commended on your accomplishments. Acceptance to medical school is a big deal – this is a tremendous accomplishment. It is a time of celebration for students, parents and friends. Thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you and participate in today’s event. I have had an opportunity to reflect on my own emotional state nearly 22 years ago when I entered medical school. I was filled with overwhelming excitement and nearly paralyzing anxiety. I suspect that as you sit here today, you too are filled with a myriad of emotions – joy, excitement, anxiety. It is my goal today to help you strip away all anxiety and nervousness and to help you develop a strategy to achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.